Uses: Moon herb, Nervous System Support, Slightly Hallucinogenic, Neuro-Muscular Relaxation, Anxiety/Calming, Lucid Dreaming + Vivid Dreams, Plant Communication + Heightened Awareness, Astral Projection, Painful Menstruation, Warming Uterine Tonic, Cramps, Analgesic/pain killer, Decongestant, Anti-fungal, Bitter Digestive Aid, Breaking down & Assimilating Fats. 



NOTE: Mugwort is an Emmenagogue - These are herbs which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus, which in some cases may stimulate menstruation.



Organic. Biodynamic. 100% Plants.  


MUGWORT +Frankincense Body Balm

  • Queen of the Herbs //



    ≜ MOON HERB  ≜




    Mugwort is sometimes called The Witches Herb, used for divination and magic practices by Druids, Witches and Wise Women everywhere across time.


    Mugwort heightens awareness within the 5 senses and opens our communications and transmissions with other plants.

    She is known as the dreamweaver, said to increase dream reclaimation and clarity during lucid dreaming / 


    A highly protective herb, she's also renouned for her calming affects on the Nervous System, Anxiety, Neuro-Muscular Relaxation and her warming-bitter effects as a powerful digestive aid. 


    In Japan, Mugwort is believed to belong “to the Goddess of Progeny, Life and Death”, and Ho Hsien Ku the Chinese Artemis /

    Artemis’ divine presence was considered to be concentrated in Mugwortand was thus used in the worship and ecstatic union with her throughout the ancient world, via its ingestion during ceremonies held under the full moon in her honor. 

  • Ingredients:  Mugwort Leaf (Artemisia vulgaris), Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Frankincence Essential Oil, White Sage Essential Oil, Organic Raw Beeswax.