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  • COSMIC MEDICINÁ  / Black Label 

    Pack of 3 High-Potency Divination Herbal Extracts

    ( Save $40 as a Bundle / Total Value $168)


    30ml / 60 doses per bottle

    Small-Batch Spagyric Limited Stock 




    - Sun Serpent: Shamanic Trance Divination Drops 

    - ÁSANA: Fungi + Aphrodisia Cosmic Medicina  (Black Label)

    - Calea zacatechichi: Aztec Dream + Altered States Elixir


    This Cosmic combination of High-Potency Shamanic journeying plants is intentionally curated and strongly attuned to our Earth frequency and the sacred medicine contained within the greater web of Celestial forces that is available to us at all times. 



    ÁSANA / Black Label 

    Cosmic Aphrodisia + Fungi Medicina 


    A Harmonically encoded elixir of Sacred plants + Elementals /

    Mood Euphorant + Enhanced Stamina / Mercurial Spirit Weaver.


    Uses: Spiritual Journeying, Connecting to inter-dimensional realms through deepened Meditation Practices, Heart Connection Tool, Deeper connection to the web/fabric of the Cosmos, Deep intuitive awareness, Opening of the 5 senses + communication with Elemental and nature spirits. 


    ≜ MERCURY + VENUS  ≜


    Hand Picked, Organic + Ethically Wildcrafted Ingredients: Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Damiana, Rose, Cinnamon, Wild Harvested Psilocybin Spagyric Essence^, 24K Gold Elemental Ormus, Krishna + Kapoor Tulsi Infused Honey, Cane Spirit 1:1


    **Note: This alchemical Elixir contains only the Vibrational Frequency of the Fungi as a Lab extracted Homeopathic - it does not contain the Active Substances. You are working with the Energetics and Spirit Medicine of the Mushroom.

    Single Value $68


    SUN SERPENT : Divination Drops


    /   Known as the 'Elixir of the Sun', Sinicuichi is a Shamanic herb from South America used for Trance-Divination Rituals and to initiate a person into the realms of the spirit world.

    A powerful Solar-Plexus Tonic, this Elixir is like Liquid Sunshine in a Bottle! Used in the morning to connect with Sun Energy, its effects are highly uplifting, mood enhancing and Grounding - Helping to focus the mind and steady the thoughts. 

    Perfect for meditation practices and inner journey work to calm the mind, focus & connect to Spirit through this powerful plant medicine. 


    ≜ ETHER / EARTH / SUN ≜


    Effects: Inducing Trance-like states, Mild Sedative, Relaxing, Visions, Dreams. 


    Uses: Spiritual Journeying, Deepening Meditation Practices, Connection Tool, Solar-Plexis Elixir.




    Ingredients: Sinicuichi (Heimia Salicifolia), Local Hepburn Spring Water; Distilled, Cane Spirit Alcohol 40% 1:1 Extraction

    Single Value: $55.00



    CALEA / Aztec. Dream herb
    Calea zacatechichi

    ≜ MOON HERB  ≜

    Divination during dream time, meditation, lucid dreaming, vivid dreams, dream recall, indigenous plant used in divination ceremonies. High-Potency ritual tool used before bed with intention to enter the realms of lucid dreaming and altered brain wave states. 

    Allowing for clear transmissions between the higher-mind and other elemental beings through other dimensional realms, cosmic dreamweaver.


    Ingredients: Calea zacatechichi, Spring Water; Distilled, Cane Spirit Alcohol 40% 1:1 Extraction

    Single Value: $45